All of these photographs are taken in Stanici, or on one of neighboring islands. This is what
you will see, experience, enjoy if you come here...
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sky and pebbles                Sky in September from our house   pebbles on the beach   pebbles in clear shallow sea...
a view from the house view to the sea from our garden, through peaches view from the top of our house to the Brac island view from the house - beautiful sunset view from the house - beautiful sunset once more






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a view from the beach           a view from the beach - enjoy in sunset     view from the beach - see the rainbow on the sky
our garden     a bee on a lemon tree in our garden    
love, sunset, crystal sea love, love, love and sunset...  a boat in cristally clear water  on a sailboat in Dalmacija   one more sunset at one Dalmatian island

last updated: June, 21 2003.
almost all photographs on this site are taken in Stanici